Jessica: Omeka Reflections

Over the course of the semester, I have become more comfortable using different platforms online. We learned how to use WordPress to make this blog, so I became comfortable navigating that setup in order to make posts. I have struggled the most in formatting in WordPress, especially as I also am trying to make an online portfolio with the main page of my website. In comparison, Omeka is slightly more straightforward because there are fewer options for theme. I like that when adding a block of text or an item, it gives you a few options about how to orient that section. Also, I have not had to deal with picking a theme and formatting it, because we picked one that runs across all pages for our class. The hardest part about Omeka is uploading items. It is a time consuming process to figure out and input as much metadata as possible, and I still don’t feel like I got a complete grasp on Dublin Core’s categories. However, I am comfortable with a few categories, because they do not change from item to item or are straightforward, like repository and creator. Another small obstacle is the glitch we have had with photos uploading sideways. It therefore becomes a more time consuming process to use those items, because we have to reformat the image so that it stays in its correct orientation. The biggest obstacle I had when creating my exhibit did not have to do with Omeka at all. It was my schedule. The show that I was costume designing went into tech as we were working on this project, and then I had a final due first that took precedence. Therefore I have had a hard time working on my exhibit outside of class. Now that both of those things are done (and that the due date was pushed back), I will have more time to focus on making my exhibit the best that it can be.

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